This song has a very positive upbeat to it! As I hear it it makes me feel like getting up and dancing. I feel this is great club music. I was having an ok day and now as I am listening to this my mood completely changed and I am smiling. "This is the way we crash the party" Yeah yeah yeah! I can see the person that created this is very talented and put a lot of work and thought into this mix. They should start playing this song on radio stations. I love 37:27 it sounds very cool. This song is very uplifting and inspiring. Makes me want to learn how to mix like that. My son is sitting next to me and he is now dancing, I guess he also approves of this beat. Artist should create more mixes like this one. This mix should definitely be on itunes for sale if it isn't already. I would be one of the people to buy it for sure and I am confident so will a lot of more people buy it as well. 40:18 is another one of my favorite parts of this mix. I am actually going to mention this mix to the DJ at this club I sometimes frequent on occasional weekends. Of course if I have permission to do so. I had to take a five minutes break from writing so I could dance a bit to this beat. It is almost contagious to listen to this, you don't want to stop. And when it is over makes me want to play over and over again. Great job on creating this mix whoever you are!